Sunday, 22 March 2009

MULTIPLY Mono Monday Plus #37 (MM #51)

Bank, SolothurnThought I would do something with a Swiss Bank this week. This is one of our Swiss Banks, Credit Suisse, in our local town of Solothurn. I think we have about four altogether - not bad for a small market town. Anyhow I took this photo some time ago. The building itself must have been at this place for many years as even my Swiss husband does not remember when it was built. Anyhow before I begun to do anything I decided to get rid of the car parked on the right hand side so I cloned it away. I planted a few more trees and spread the pavement a bit - all in Fireworks. Having done that I turned everything into monochrome in Piknik with the exception of the street sign, I kept that blue. I then did a frame in Piknik and here is the result.

Credit Suisse bw

Large Size

Actually I was finished with this bit of the work when I had the idea of doing a sepia version to make it more like an old postcard. I converted to sepia in Piknik but for the frame I put it into Fireworks. I wanted a wooden frame and they have a couple of ready made ones there. I also did the white background in Fireworks. Here it is in sepia.


Large Size

Now I decided to do a plus version. I collected a few bank notes in Swiss Currency and made a photo. I then went into CS3 with my bank photo and did two layers, one of the bank and the other of the money. I used the magic wand to remove the background behind the arches to show the money. I flattened this and then did again two layers. One with the money and the bank and the other with the larger version of the money. I removed almost everything except for the street sign and the trees with the magic wand. I then put it into Piknik and did a mirror frame which seems to be new. This is the result.

bank finished

Large Size

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