Saturday, 21 February 2009

MULTIPLY Writing Prompt #7 Work and Retirement: Contrasts

Good morning all, I am here again
My place of work is ready
The days go past, my hair is grey
but life goes on quite steady.
Awake at six, arise at once
breakfast, a shower and dress.
This routine has been my life’s companion
Although it can be a stress.
But the years go past, life just changes
everyone seems so much younger
I still do my work, I have no problem
for knowledge my brain does not hunger
Then one fine day my company calls
Your time has come for a rest
You have spent your life for many years
with us, we think it the best
You may stay at home, no need to work
you can do just what you choose
This is the contrast to your life up to now
many books you can peruse.
So now my future lies in retirement,
I can spend the day at home
awake at eight and arise when I want
I will get the lazy syndrome
I have to find hobbies, I read a lot
I go for walks outside
I could learn something useful, perhaps a language
Something for time to bide
Or perhaps I will write at last my novel
I have enough time to spend
I might become famous with my first work
That will be my new trend

Writing Prompt #7: Work and Retirement - Opposites

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