Monday, 1 December 2008

MULTIPLY Poetry Posse, Week 10: Desire

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Please do take a chocolate or eat a piece of cake
Yes, give me, I want to answer, but I cannot, that’s the ache
The days have now gone bye, when I would eat my sweets
The doctor has forbidden, I can only eat by cheats
My blood sugar mirror is up, and that is not to admire
For eating sugar and toffees is now my only desire

Buttering my bread is something I like to do
but even this is forbidden, I have nothing more to chew
I fry my meat in butter and use it for the veg
my life is now a misery, it puts me on an edge
The doctor has forbidden, I feel just like a fool
My blood is not so healthy, just too must cholesterol

Life has got so boring, it's getting so pathetic
Ten years ago I was told, I have become a diabetic
As if this was the worse, there came another bad goal
My blood was not so pretty, it has too much cholesterol
But it could be a lot worse, at least I do not smoke
And if I feel a thirst, just drink a diet coke.

What is the worth of eating, my diet is looking bad
Thinking back on the good old times, I am feeling very sad
My desires for sugar and butter are still forever there
But medicine forbids them, the doctors just don’t care
Exercise is called for, to help to keep my health
So I am training on my computer, to keep my fingers stealth

Poetry Posse, Week 10: Desire

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