Wednesday, 29 October 2008

The Shape of Things to Come

Well not quite but almost - I mean the snow. The weather forecast on the Swiss television is always live from the roof of the television studios. This evening the meteorogist was standing on the roof with an umbrella to protect herself from the snowfall. In the background a view over the town of Z├╝rich with its snow covered roofs. Here is the prognosis for tomorrow.


I live in the bit just above where Bern, our capital town, is marked. We are about 40 kilometers to the North of Bern. We lay at the foot of the Jura mountains and they go up to 1,200 meters above sea level. Our village lays about 500 meters above sea level and the prediction for tomorrow is 800 meters above sea level, so it looks like we are saved at the moment. It is getting colder. They have already closed about six roads going through the alps, amongst them the Gotthard which is our connection to the Italian part of Switzerland. Now everyone has to go through the tunnels, so let us hope there are no accidents which tend to block the tunnels.

Train Crossing Feldbrunnen

I was looking through some photos of last year and found this one, but I sincerely hope that it will be some time before this happens. This is the train crossing just round the corner from where I live and the one I have to cross to get into the main road.

It will be a bit different this year in the snow for me. I hate driving on the stuff, even if we are equipped with winter tyres. Our car died today. He did it painlessly but with some doubtful noise which means a very expensive repair job. We have had him many years and decided the time has come for him to be replaced. At the moment we have no car, so I am back to riding on busses and going by foot. What fun, especially when you have heavy shopping to carry. Luckily I have a holiday from work so can take it easy. This week end all the shops in our local town are closed on Saturday for All Souls Day which means a double lot of shopping to get on Friday.

The next car is already in our future programme. I will send a few pictures when we have adopted him, but at the moment he is with his foster parents in the garage.

There is not much to report from Switzerland at the moment. Our banks are still working and today the financial market seems to be quite positive, the SMI being up. What the SMI is I don't know but Mr. Swiss is always sad when it is down, so it must be something important for the Swiss. A sort of a Swiss Wall Street I suppose. I saw that the Hungarian economy has taken a turn for the worse, but they are being supported by the government. It's a funny world.

Via Facebook I found that my son is flying to Reykjavik today and will be staying there until Friday (that's in Iceland). I do not know what he is doing there, but I hope he has a nice time. He is always going somewhere, but so long as a facebook exists and mummy also belongs I can always keep track on him.

And that is the news from Switzerland for today. Here is another photo from where I live last year, again showing the shape of things to come. I will be glad when it is Spring again.

Feldbrunnen in Winter

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