Wednesday, 1 October 2008

I am an author

Well sort of. I always seem to be writing things lately so I decided to get them published. Today my book arrived.

My BookMy Book

I never really thought that at the age of 62 I would ever have anything in print, but nothing ventured, nothing gained and here it is. Mr. Swiss even said he found it in Amazon by just putting my name in. Up to now the newspaper reporters have not been phoning for more information and also the television stations have not invited me for an interview, but I am not disappointed. I very much doubt if anyone will ever buy it. Most of the stories are known by those who now and again stumble on my stories in this place. Since it has been published I have written a couple more stories, but I don't know whether I will do it again.

So enough public relations on my behalf. What did we do today? It was time to visit my hairdresser again so I was in town this afternoon. I walked home and as usual took a few photos on the way. It was a very grey day in town and the view of our river Aare was looking like something from a mystery film.

Stormy weather over Solothurn

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I decided to walk home along the river side as it was not raining, although very windy. We have a statue in our town called "Fat Berta" and she has been shifted twice up to now, but now she is on the river side so I could not resist taken her photo. I actually did a blog about her once. If you want to read it click here.

Die dicke Berta, Solothurn

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After leaving Berta I walked along the banks of the river on a country path. I then crossed our bridge with the intention of taking some photos of some swans I saw.

Swans on the River Aare, Solothurn

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It was then a straight walk home and I was glad to get indoors. Here is a view of the river from the bridge in the direction where I live.

River Aare towards East, Solothurn

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