Friday, 5 September 2008

A Trip to the vets and other things by Fluffy

As I said yesterday I would be back today with part two of my adventures. „ I had quite an adventure this week. There I was dreaming of the next open tin of tuna fish and Mrs. Human picked me up. I dislike being touched like that, especially by humans. Before I could meow I was in the cage with the lid down, although she had a bit of a bother putting my fluffy tail in. Eventually she picked the cage up and took me to the big monster with four wheels, I think they call it a car.

Fluffy visiting the vet

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Here you can see me parked on the pavement next to the car while Mrs. Human took the photo. The vets is opposite on the other side of the road with those blue things in the garden. Not that I mind a visit but the first thing I saw while I was waiting was an enormous big black dog, Mrs. Human called it a King Poodle and was talking to its human. I did not feel very safe in my little cage, but afterwards a lady arrived with two cats so I knew everything would be ok.

King Poodle

Original Size

The vet soon called us and he gave me another one of those needle things, but I didn’t say anything. Mrs. Human said I was very brave. I wish she hadn’t said that as the vet gave me another needle afterwards, something to do with infusion. That vet is so quick, you just do not have time to get nervous. We were soon on the way home that because that second needle was just liquid, I had to “pass water” in my cage, but as I was sitting on newspaper, Mrs. Human just disposed of it when we got home. I was glad to be back in my own four walls again and so I went back to my favourite sleeping place where I was before.

Today was my birthday as you may know. I am now five years old and still don’t have any grey hairs. I notice Mr. and Mrs. Human are always getting more and more grey hairs. Nera hissed at me for my birthday and Tabby pushed me out of the way. It is nice to have friends that take notice of you. Mr. Human took me for a nice walk and Nera and Tabby came as well. Mrs. Human gave me a big hug when she got home from work. There was no tuna fish, but that doesn’t matter as I will get my portion on Sunday and Wednesday. At the moment I am sitting with Mr. Human while he is watching the television. I would especially like to thank all those nice Multiply people that have sent best wishes for my birthday. You know I feel really at home on this blogging thing. If only my paws were a bit smaller, I could type much quicker.


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