Wednesday, 10 September 2008

I'm Still Alive

Well you must admit if we Swiss do something, then we do it properly. I mean what country builds a circular tunnel measuring 27 kilometers, under one of its largest towns, in our case Geneva, Now why do we, or better said, our scientists, build a tunnel stretching along the French border and meeting again in Geneva. It is not an act of revenge for the super Phoenix atomic power stations that France has built near the Swiss border, which does give you a funny feeling hoping they will never explode or have a slight accident as happened in Tschernobyl some years ago. No, our scientists are clever and it seems bored. The tunnel has been built to send atoms on a journey through it and it was switched on today, despite a few warnings, but I am still here so nothing has happened up to now. The actual fun starts in October when atoms will be sent clockwise and anticlockwise through the tunnel at the same time and our super scientists hope that the atoms will meet, the problem being that when atoms meet they do not combine and shake hands and have a sort of atom party. No, they split showing their insides. Wasn't the atom bomb created by splitting an atom? or perhaps that is a misunderstanding on my side. There is even a video sponsored by CERN, the association responsible for playtime in West Switzerland.

So what is the aim of this new toy. The Swiss have decided to find out how the solar system came into being. Throw away your books on this theme, they will be written anew, if we are still here to read them at the end of October. Some scientists not involved in the project have a strange feeling that this little experiment which cost billions (not millions) of Swiss Francs, could mean the end to our civilisation as we know it, even to the world, as they fear the a black hole could be created and we would fall into it. Personally I just find it a waste of money. There was an interview on the tv yesterday with the scientists in charge, a man and a lady. Sorry, but I think they just want to set a memorial for themselves, only what good it will be and where they will put it I don't know, especially if our world does turn into a black vacuum. But let us not worry about such trivial things. I am sure it will all turn out ok in the end.

View of the Bernese Alps from Feldbrunnen

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And now for something completely different. One of my neighbours lives on the second floor in an apartment building next to mine. We often exchange books to read, as she is a fan of english books and she promised she would call me when she has a good view of the alps from her balcony. This week we had the ideal weather so I was invited. I would also add she is one of the only neighbours I know that makes a perfect pot of English style tea. I took a few photos, but this was about the best I could get. They are still quite a distance, about 200 kilometers, so I had to use the zoom. The mountain on the left is the Finsterahorn and the two on the right are the Eiger and afterward the Mönch. We often spent our Summer holidays in Grindelwald and once we had a holiday apartment opposite the Eiger. We made many walks in the area and eventually I got to know all the peaks in the Bernese Overland.

My husband promised to go out this evening, but is already back. I think he said something about wanting to watch the football match Switzerland v Luxembourg for the world cup qualifications, so guess what I will be doing this evening. See you all some time later this week.

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