Monday, 31 December 2007

New Year's Eve - Swiss German, Sylvester

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There were a few things to get done today - the last trimmings to our food supplies over the New Year holidays - here in Switzerland everything is closed until 3rd January as besides today and New Year's day we also celebrate St. Bartholomew's Day on 2nd January. The problem was I had an appointment with a big machine at the hospital at eleven in the morning so had to do some strategic planning, although Mr. Swiss was available for any help.

I decided that before doing anything I would go shopping first of all. Yesterday in rained a little bit and through the night we had temperatures of -5° C. This morning it was a bit warmer with -2°C but as it was a clear sunny day I decided to make my way to the shopping centre. That was mistake No. 1 as I nearly got killed on my way. Well not exactly, but when I drove out of the garage I turned left as usual. My car didn't seem to want to turn left, although it did at the beginning but then went right and left again which made things rather scary. My car was in perfect condition, the problem was that there was one ice surface leading to the main road. Being alone in the car with no Mr. Swiss to advise, I had to make my own decisions. I am not the praying type, but if I was I think I would have offered a couple upwards. I decided that putting my foot on the brakes would not help, I switched on the "W" programme for Winter, but I think you should only use that for snow etc. Eventually I crawled up the hill turned 3 corners and was still in one piece (and the car) by the time I reached the road. Afterwards it was all main road to the shopping centre although I had a very careful foot on the accelerator. When I arrived at the shop I met a neighbour who lived in the top half of the village. He told me they had -6° up on the hill and he had the same problem. We then had a discussion about how to get home again afterwards, and decided if we were lucky it might be a bit warmer. After getting my shopping I drove home and it was a bit warmer, but not perfect. I let out a sigh of relief when I arrived back in the garage.

Afterwards Mr. Swiss took me up to the hospital, which is also on a hill (everything seems to be on hills in this country), but the roads had warmed up a bit. Eventually he picked me up and we drove home where I could have more fun cooking lunch. Son No. 2 is staying with us at the moment for 2 weeks holiday, as he actually works in another country in Europe. It is nice to have him home, but I am glad to say that home for him over the last week and this week is hotel mama. Sort of a place to sleep and eat and relax, otherwise he does seem to be on the road a lot, catching up on his pool billard skills most of the time. Today he left us to spend the New Year in Lichtenstein (where?).

We had a bit of excitement after lunch. In this cold weather my cats are usually at home. Nera, the boss prefers to just observe various situations from a high place somewhere.

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Tabby was sleeping on the bathroom floor (floor heating on a nice soft bathroom carpet) and Fluffy decided to go out in the garden in the sun. As Fluffy is blind he is usually kept on a long lead attached to a pole. We then had a visit from the new cat in town. The cat keepers (cats don't have owners, do they?) moved in about 2 months ago and since we have constant visits from a ginger/white cat who is exploring the neighbourhood. Although not a kitten, we would judge him as being about 8-9 months old. Old enough to go out on his own, but not old enough to realise that he doesn't own the place. I then noticed that Fluffy and new cat were getting a bit closer to each other. Up to now there have only been negative remarks between my cats and the new one, more like "clear out or else" from my cats.

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Although Fluffy is completely blind, he knows exactly when his territory is invaded. It came to the point where the new cat growled and my Fluffy screamed or hissed, or whatever cats do. I just wanted to separate them (dangerous work) when Bobinette from next door arrived on the scene and chased ginger/white cat out of the garden. Although she doesn't like Fluffy and Fluffy doesn't like her, I suppose it's a sort of territorial thing. I mean Saddam Hussein didn't like the Iran, but even they got a bit closer together in the first war about Kuwait. Anyhow to get back to the feline war raging in my garden, Bobinette from next door positioned herself outside in her garden and began observing the development of the situation. Her human came out and we had one of those neighbourly discussions and wished each other a happy new year.

I spent part of the afternoon having a talk with No. 2 son about the music we used to listen to. He gave me a few good ideas and so I spent part of the afternoon developing my new play list that I have now fitted up on my blogging sites. I am sure that it gets on most people's nerves, but if you go to the top lefthand corner there is a device on it where you can switch it off. I find it quite fun, although to be quite honest there are some sites I visit where other music does nerve me a bit, but you can always turn the sound off.

This evening it will be No. 1 son, me and Mr. Swiss for our evening meal. No. 1 son will then go into town and we will see him again next year. I am not unhappy. If I happen to be awake at midnight I will have a small glass of champis to welcome 2008. In any case I wish anyone reading this day in the life of me a very happy new year and may 2008 be a wonderful blogging year for all.

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