Wednesday, 28 November 2007

Reservoir Cats 18

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Long Tail Al: Ya know Charlie, if ya didn’t only ‘ave eyes for the ladies you wouldn’t get into these situations would ya.
Charlie: Well ‘ow was I to know. Not every day you see an Oriental cat walking around these parts is it.
Tabby: Where do they come from. It surprises me that this has happened.
Long Tail Al: Well son, I fink I might ‘ave to ‘ave a few words with Big Tom. Didn’t ‘e once say that his cousin in America, Lucky Catiano, got rid of them Siamese when they were playing up.
Tabby: Yes that’s true. Do you think they are out for revenge and have come to take over here.
Long Tail Al: Could be. Listen son, d’ya fink you could take a walk down the road tomorrow to Big Tom and ask if ‘e knows anyfing.
Tabby: No problem dad. In the meanwhile it might be an idea to send a couple of cats up to the town hall.
Charlie: Now that would be a job for one of the ladies. They are always going to them receptions they ‘ave there – the ones wiv the smoked salmon and roast beef.
Long Tail Al: And what should we cats do when we get to the town hall.
Tabby: I would have a look in the archives for the blueprints of the museum. Then you might be able to see how the cats broke in without being noticed.
Long Tail Al: Tabby, I fink you must take after me. You really are a bright lad ain’t ya. But I fink for now we will all take a sleep and tomorrow we will see what we should do.
Tabby: My first night in town
Long Tail Al: Yes son, but don’t go wandering around. You ain’t used to life ‘ere yet.

Tabby: Hello Romeo
Romeo: Buon giorno Tabby, already back in the country Tabby.
Tabby: Well not really, but I should speak to Big Tom on business for Long Tail Al.
Big Tom: Do I hear a familiar miaow out there. Good morning Tabby, do come in. Life already too much for you in town.
Tabby: No I quite like it, although the noise from the traffic doesn’t exactly make sure that you have a sound sleep. But I am here on an errand from my dad. We have a small problem in town.
Big Tom: Tell me Tabby.
Tabby: Well it seems an oriental cat has got into the museum and taken it over and has got Long Tail Al’s black paw gang on his side as well. He has shut all the town cats out and seems to be planning something. I remember you said something about your cousin in America, Lucky Catiano getting rid of the Siamese, so I though you might have an idea what’s going on.
Big Tom: Now that doesn’t sound so good. The Orientals usually make a basis camp and before you know it they are everywhere. I will have to contact Lucky – just a moment.
Tabby: Romeo where’s he gone.
Romeo: Big Tom is very powerful and has gone to his vault to make contact with his cousin in America. He will soon be back.
Big Tom: Well, here I am again and have spoken to Lucky Catiano. He said to beware of the Oriental cats. They are very sly and not very kind to other cats.
Tabby: I told my dad, Al, to send a couple of cats down to the Town Hall to get the plans of the museum. There might be a way in.
Big Tom: Good idea Tabby.
Romeo: Do you think it might be an idea for me to go back to town with Tabby. After all I have had a lot of experience with the catafia and might be of help. If you can spare me gatto di tutti gatti.
Big Tom: No problem, Romeo. Gladys is now getting back on her legs again and can help me here with one eyed Fred.
Romeo: Ok, let’s go Tabby. Together we are strong.

LongTail Al: Who you got there Tabby, Romeo.
Romeo: Buon giorno Al. Big Tom reckoned I could help out with your problem, me being consigliere.
Long Tail Al: Well we can do wiv all the ‘elp we can get at the moment. Before you know where you are the Orientals have taken over the town.
Tabby: Did you get the plans of the museum?
Long Tail Al: Well as a matter of fact we did and I fink I know ‘ow they got in. There was a boat in the docks last week, came in from ‘ong Kong and the funny fing was, they found about 100 dead mice in the boat, but no cats.
Romeo: That’s typical. One joins a ship as ship’s cat and before you know where you are there are at least 20 orientals on board. They all look alike, so the humans think there is only one cat.
Long Tail Al: And after studying the plan of the museum, it looks like down in the basement there’s a door leading to the sewers and the sewers lead to the sea. Looks like they found their way into the museum that way.
Slimy: See boss we should ‘ave stayed ‘ere and not wandered off to the country.
Romeo: I don’t think that would have made a lot of difference. They would have sleeked their way in anyhow, but I wonder what they want. And how comes the black paw gang are on their side.

Pablo: Well my wonderful Siamese cats, at last we have found a nice place to live. Even a bit of culture on the walls looking at the paintings and those suits of armour make a nice hiding place when the humans come.
Madame Butterfly: My dearest Pablo it was really a good idea. After Lucky Catiano drove our family away from Chicago we have now found a new home. There are even some restaurants here where you can get Chop Suey.
Pablo: My dearest, can you think of other things than food. You were called Butterfly because of your slim figure, but if you carry on eating the way you do you will soon be Madame Elefant.
Madame Butterfly: Hisssss you stupid cat. If it wasn’t for me you wouldn’t be where you are now. Who was it that pushed the official ships cats into the sea, so that we could replace them. We would still be in China town if it wasn’t for me.
Pablo: Yes, my dear it was your idea.
Madame Butterfly: It was also my idea to promise the black paw gang a never ending supply of cat nip if they would come on our side, as well as a choice of our beautiful Oriental Ladies.
Pablo: Yes you certainly brought them to us, but how are you going to keep them here when they realise that our oriental ladies have no interest in common street cats.
Madame Butterfly: Let that be my problem. I am growing some special LSD catnip down in the cellar. They will be in our power if they sniff enough of that. They will fulfil all our wishes. And don’t forget, I brought Mr. Wang with us
Pablo: Not the Mr. Wang, but he is so powerful.
Madame Butterfly: Yes, he is the best cat hypnotist that I know. He has the power to bend a cat’s will to do what he (or we) want it to do. The proof can be seen by the black paw gang. He only had five minutes with their leader and now they are already protecting us from any attacks from the town cats.
Pablo: What do you think my dear. It is now time that we use our powerful tools of persuasion on these town cats. I think that the one they call Slimy will be the easiest to manipulate. He is often together with the cat they call Long Tail Al.
Madame Butterfly: Yes for once you have a good idea in that small brain that you are equipped with. Tonight when the town cats are on their prowl, we will take Slimy. He is often on his own as he does not smell so well and the cats tend to avoid him.
Pablo: My dear, don’t you think he might smell a little to strong for our delicate noses.
Madame Butterfly: When I am finished with him, he will no longer smell. Meowwwwww.

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