Monday, 26 November 2007

Reservoir Cats 17

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Tabby: Well that was an exciting day, wasn’t it Nera
Nera: I should say so, but it seems that everyone is now just one big happy family again.
Tabby: Well yes, I suppose we are there is just one small thing.
Nera: What’s that Tabby, what do you have on your whiskers.
Tabby: Long Tail Al asked me if I would like to spend a few weeks in the town with him and his cats. Sort of getting to know each other, after all he is my dad.
Nera: What does Big Tom say about it.
Tabby: I havn’t asked him.
Nera: Well I would ask him to see what he thinks.
Big Tom: Did I hear my name being mentioned. Actually it’s about time that you ladies returned to your home places.
Tabby: Well, that is the problem. I feel a bit in between.
Big Tom: You mean Long Tail Al being your dad?
Tabby: How did you guess that one?
Big Tom: Well I am not gatto di tutti gatti for nothing, and who am I to stand in the way between a father and his son. Would you like to spend a few weeks in town Tabby.
Tabby: Long Tail Al did invite me, and I wouldn’t mind going. It seems that everyone else is going back to their own business, and now that Gladys and One eyed Fred have moved into the country there would be some space for me in town.
Big Tom: Go with my permission Tabby, but you know there is always a place for you here when you return.
Bobinette: Yes, if I may say so, it would give the catnip a chance to grow back again.
Tabby: Now that wasn’t so nice Bobinette hissss.
Romeo: Tabby I just don’t know what you have against Bobinette. She is such a nice lady.
Nera: Don’t bother Romeo, it is just mutual. Bobinette does not like Tabby and Tabby does not like Bobinette.
Romeo: Well I like Bobinette.
Nera: Yes, well it has been noticed. When are you coming to the country to take over Grey’s job?
Big Tom: There has been a change of plan. Romeo is staying as my consigliere. I have decided that you ladies have mastered the situation so well, you will not need a new boss to replace my son Grey. As time comes, Gladys kittens will grow up and become wiser and it might be an idea for one of them to become a successor to Grey.
Long Tail Al: ‘allo everyone. Just wanted to say goodbye before returning to me den in town. Did someone say somfing about one of Gladys kittens taking over ‘ere. Now I would ‘ave a good suggestion.
Big Tom: I bet you would. Are you thinking about little Al taking over.
Long Tail Al: Well it might be a good idea, sort of like sealing our friendship.
Big Tom: There is plenty of time. I have a few years before me and so do you Al.
Tabby: Long Tail Al, it looks like I can come with you back to town.
Long Tail Al: First of all Tabby, just call me dad. Now that would be nice to ‘ave you with me for a time. I could show you all the tricks of town life, I’m sure you would luv it Tabby. Wouldn’t ‘e Slimy.
Slimy: Yes boss, definitely. We could take ‘im for walks down the sewers and in the town gardens where the sparrows and mice are.
Long Tail Al: Yea, well I don’t know about down the sewers, it smells a bit down there.
Slimy: Well I don’t fink so
Long Tail Al: No, you wouldn’t would ya
Tabby: I can’t wait to go down to town. Let’s go.
Long Tail Al: Ok, lets be on our way. Big Tom, I might just look in now and again to see ‘ow little Al is doing, D’ya mind? After all ‘e is anovver son of mine ain’t ‘e.
Big Tom: Yes of course Al, but I just wonder how many sons you actually have? I am gradually getting suspicious of every ginger cat with a long tail that lives around here.
Long Tail Al: Ya never know do ya Tom. So come’on Tabby.
Tabby: Bye Nera, Big Tom, Romeo and a nice big hissss for you Bobinette. See you all in a few weeks.

Tabby: Where am I going to live dad
Long Tail Al: I thought I would put you in the church cellar where I live. Nice and comfortable down there and no-one really disturbs us. We even ‘ave a few mice that wander around now and again.
Tabby: But doesn’t it get a bit cold in the cellar.
Long Tail Al: No problem, there are some humans that look after the church. Just ‘ave to be nice to them. Like friendly and purr when they stroke you. Suddenly you find they ‘ave left a nice warm cloth for you lay on and they even put down some food for ya.
Slimy: They never left anyfing for me.
Long Tail Al: Which doesn’t surprise me Slimy. Try a good lick now and again and not only once a week. It will do wonders for ya. Well ‘ere we are, see it ain’t far from the country, just a walk down the road.
Tabby: Yes, that’s true. Is this your room dad.
Long Tail Al: Yes, just curl up in the corner and ‘ave a nice sleep. It’s been a busy night what wiv the kittens, and the problems with Grey. I fink we could all do wiv a rest.
Charlie: Al, I gotta speak to ya somefings ‘appened
Long Tail Al: What’s the matter Charlie, one of your lady cats fall off the roof.
Charlie: No nuffing like that, but it looks like the black paw gang are striking. They say they fink you are getting to be a softie, what wiv not taking over in the country and coming back again. They ‘ave found a new boss who is going to take over.
Long Tail Al: And who would that be.
Charlie: Well it’s one of them Orientals. You know the skinny ones wiv the pointed ears. ‘Es already moved in at the museum and ‘as started training ‘is army. Goes by the name of Pablo. Says ‘is mum named ‘im after a painter called Picarsso or somefing like that.
Long Tail Al: The museum is my territory and I thought I told you to keep an eye on it.
Charlie: Well I did, but when I wasn’t looking ‘e shut me out and moved in wiv ‘is gang.
Long Tail Al: And ‘ow did that ‘appen?
Charlie: Now boss if a nice young bit of fluff with almond eyes walked passed, you would ‘ave to go and say ‘allo wouldn’t you, so I did.
Long Tail Al: And what ‘appened.
Charlie: Now ‘ow was I to know that she was Pablo’s sister and while she was like making eyes at me outside the museum, Pablo sleeked in wiv ‘is cronies and shut the door on me.

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The two furry lumps above are two Oriental cats belong to someone I know living in England. They belong to Pablo and Vermeer.

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