Saturday, 24 November 2007

My Cat now reads the newspaper and a new cat in the neighbourhood

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My cat Fluffy (that is his English name, actually we call him Grögu meaning funny little thing) got on my husband's nerves this morning to say the least. He wanted to read the Solothurner Zeitung (daily newspaper) in peace and quiet whilst I was endulging in one of my Saturday hobbies (was it cleaning the windows or hoovering - can't really remember). In any case Fluffy decided to see what was going on in the world, at least it looks like it. Actually Fluffy is blind, but he still knows what we 2-legged cats are up to and always wants to be part of the fun. It seemed that everytime Mr. Swiss turned the page Fluffy hopped over it and remained sitting on the newspaper.

Eventually we got ready and went hunting in the shops, although I had killed almost everything the day before, so we didn't have to get such a lot. After dinner, the cats were all sleeping, poor things they have such a hard day sometimes, but they now have enough food. We visited the pet shop this morning to buy another 10 Kg of their food. Cost: ninety Swiss Francs, but what we do for our cats. The 10 Kg usually lasts six weeks, so it isn't as bad as it seems.

Mr. Swiss told me that there was a new cat in the neighbourhood, although I hadn't seen it up to now and suddenly there he (or she) was in our garden. All the cats come to our garden up to the kitchen window sooner or later. Probably because they notice that our cat's dining table is just behind the window next to the cat flap. I naturally grabbed the camera, which is always ready (you never know, Brad Pitt might walk past one day) and I took a few photos through the window. The new cat in town gave a little performance of rolling around on the paving outside and hopping in between the plants in the garden. Our big fat long-haired black cat Nera was also in the garden, but she never really picks a fight (she leaves that up to the other two), she was just observing the situation to make sure it didn't get out of hand. We don't know who the new cat belongs to, but susupect a new family that have moved in in one of the new flats they have built. One cat more doesn't really matter, we have about 12 now in the area. Anyhow here she(he) is. And what are our cats doing now? What every good cat does during the rainy days, sleeping.

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