Sunday, 16 September 2007

The Fight starring Mr. Grey and Fluffy

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Just to say the least, Fluffy does not like Mr. Grey and Mr. Grey is not too keen on Fluffy. When they were smaller and carefree they would sit next to each other and watch birds together and other feline pastimes. Mr. Grey lives just opposite to us, and his timetable has always been a bit different to Fluffy. Fluffy used to go out during the day on his own until his accident when he became blind. He is now out during the day, but has a harness with an expandable dog lead which is attached to a pole in the garden, so he does have a range of about three meters to wander around. Mr. Grey usually went out in the early evening and spent most of the time outdoors, so the chances that they met were usually reduced to the twilight zone.

As the two boys got older I noticed that my Fluffy was no longer keen on sharing the garden with Mr. Grey. Funnily enough my big fat black cat Nera didn’t seem to mind and was often seen together resting with Mr. Grey.

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Tabby on the other hand dislikes any other cats except for her litter sister Nera. She just tolerates Fluffy as Fluffy lives in the same place, eats from the same food bowls and in Winter, when the ground is frozen, also shares the same toilet - so far so good. Tabby has often chased Mr. Grey away, although when Mr. Grey retaliates, being a head and shoulders bigger than Tabby, it has been seen that Tabby is running in the opposite direction closely followed by Mr. Grey.

I have noticed lately that Mr. Grey’s daily routine is changing slightly and he is to be seen during the afternoon roaming around. My cats get about twice a week a feeding of tuna fish from the tin which we usually give them outside on the porch. Over the weeks, my cats just seem to have started drinking the juice and leave the actual fish for later, if Fluffy hasn’t eaten it in the meanwhile. Mr. Grey seems to sniff this from his home opposite and always seems to turn up when the fish is left. However, Fluffy is not exactly in agreement with sharing his tuna with a strange grey cat. Although Fluffy is blind, his ears and nose seem to be operating overtime. As soon as Mr. Grey is on the border of the garden, Fluffy is in action and follows him at a distance waiting.

Yesterday Mr. Grey arrived in our garden and was on his way to the leftover tuna fish. Fluffy noticed this attack on the tuna fish and bravely stood in the way. Mr. Grey also stood still and it was like the final scene from High Noon with Gary Cooper his hands ready to draw the guns for the final shoot out, only the cats didn’t have guns. Mr. Grey started growling – something like a lion at the zoo and his hair stood up a bit. Fluffy’s reaction came quickly. He started growling as well. It was a pity I didn’t have my camera ready for the leap in the air that Fluffy made. There was a hissing and spitting and Fluffy being very fluffy, a cloud of white fur flying through the air. I don’t really know what went on when the two cats went into a clinch together. I just know that Mr. Grey took off about one hundred kilometres an hour and Fluffy started licking her fur.

Of course, I was proud of my boy beating off the neighbour’s cat and Mr. Grey has not been seen since in our garden. We did notice that Fluffy’s right eye was closed in the evening and after a closer examination noticed it was a bit reddened, but by this morning everything seemed to be ok. Just a small war injury. Fluffy is now relaxing in the sun on the porch. I sometimes wonder what goes through their feline brains.

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