Tuesday, 25 September 2007

Autumn is here and so are the mosquitos

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I did not take this photo, I do not allow a mosquito to use my arm as a feeding place if I see one. The problem is you don't see them. You just feel that something somewhere itches and no matter how much you scratch it doesn't help. After a closer look you find a red sort of bump on the skin and you know - you have been the victim of a mosquito attack.

You may be lucky and live in an area where there are no rivers, streams or anything providing a suitable breeding place for mosquito parents. They even have the ability to walk on water and it's not even a miracle. They lay their eggs in water and when the little mosquitos hatch out, you wouldn't even think they would one day become the vampires of the insect world. We have the disadvantage of living a five minute walk away from one of Switzerland's biggest rivers, the river Aare. It flows along at the edge of our village. What wonderful breeding grounds for the mosquito. On warm Autumn evenings it is advisable not to put the light and to keep the window shut. They seem to smell human blood from miles away and if the light is on, they arrive and get about their work.

Not to mention having a good nights sleep with a mosquito in the bedroom. Just as you are dropping off you hear the constant buzzzzzzz in your ear and know, they are there. Even worse when the buzz stops. The mosquito has landed somewhere on you skin and is having a drink. If you wave your arms around you will scare it off, but it will soon find another resting place and carry on his meal. Of course, you can cover every part up with the duvet/sheets, which means having a very uncomforable night, especially if temperatures are high. But have no fear, war has been declared on the mosquitos by the economic system.

At one time you went to the drug store and was given a repellent to keep them away. The effect only lasted a few hours and you did not exactly smell like a rose, but now the warfare has become much more refined. At first an attachment was made to be plugged in. A paper was inserted which had been treated with repellent and this kept the mosquitos away, there was something on it which they did not like. With time, industry found they were not earning enough so the paper has now been replaced by a small glass containing liquid. I have often asked myself, if it is dangerous for the mosquito what is the effect on humans. The only alternative being to fix mosquito nets on the windows, I decided on the plug thing with the liquid. At least we are now bite free, and they really do seem to be an Autumn appearance, unless you live in the swamps. I was in our local supermarket last week-end and saw that they were really helping us to get prepared for the mosquito invasion. So sleep well and may the mosquitos stay away.

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