Wednesday, 15 August 2007

The Swiss Farm - Part IV - Pigs

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This is a farm with a lot of animals and the recycling process of the animals is quite regular. Every farm has its dunghill and the photo shows that this farm is no exception. All the animals make their own contribution. The pigs not being an exception. I made an extra journey to the farm last Saturday, just for the benefit of the pigs. They only arrived last week on Thursday and are still settling in. They have their own stable divided with a half wall into two parts. The back part being sheltered and the front with an opening. As I approached them they all ran away into the back part of the stable, but within a minute they were all back at the front pushing each other on one side with their noses as if to say "it's my turn to be photographed now".

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Did the pigs smell - well not more than pigs usually do. If you look at the photos you can see that they are basically quite clean, although the photo was taken before meal time. They were very lively and active.

The pigs are only staying at the farm for a limited time - as soon as they are grown up and nice and fat - well we just have to face facts; most of us enjoy a good bacon and egg breakfast, or a Christmas ham. All I can say is that whilst they are on the farm they lead a good piggy life and are looked after with care and understanding.

The farm itself is quite large, and there are many buildings and barns for keeping the animals and the farm machinery. The following photo shows a small "street" on the farm with buildings on each side.

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On the left of the photo are two silos where grain is stored and on the right a shed with wood. Toward the end of this small street there are piles of wood. This part of the farm is used by the farmer's brother who has a saw mill business.

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