Friday, 17 August 2007

A Rainy Day

Today Europe has the day off for Ascension Day - well most of it. I know Great Britain are all hard at work but most of us are at home taking it easy.

The weather forcast is always wrong, but yesterday they were right for a change. The forecast is rain, rain, rain and inbetween a little bit more rain. At least it will only rain once today. My cats have retired to quieter places, rolled up into a feline circle and have been sleeping for the past two hours. Outside the garden is wet. We don't even have a daily local newspaper to read. I don't intend going anywhere so it looks like it is just me, my computer and a few other odd jobs I have been meaning to do since Christmas. So, spending the day as a housewife, for a change, I will now make my way to the temple of creation (the kitchen) and see what "le choix de la frigidaire" has to offer today.

In the meanwhile I decided to find some suitable music for the day and who could be better than Tom Waits, one of my favourites. The living example of how you can drink, smoke, generally enjoy life and being muscial as well (if you don't mind a smoky voice). I have most of his songs on CD, but found this nice little video - for those who do not like Tom Waits (doesn't seem possible) it is only a short one

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