Friday, 17 August 2007

Excitement in the Office


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This morning I had been in the office for about 30 minutes thinking about getting a cup of coffee to make sure my brain and eyes would work in accord when I heard such exclamations "where did that come from", "I hate them", "throw it away" etc. etc. followed by some small surpressed screams¨. I decided I did not want to miss the fun and had a look. There it was sitting on a desk looking totally lost and bewildered.

It was just the evening before that I had discovered taking photos of insects in the garden was fun, and there was the best specimen of a spider just waiting to be photographed. I took him carefully on a piece of paper to my desk (with exclamations from about 7 excited women in the background of "yuck" "ugh" and "how can she" - all in Swiss German of course). I then packed out my camera and there was immediate silence.

Of course it is not easy to take a photo of a spider, especially on a desk surrounded by a computer, mouse mat and being looked at through the camera. I had to calm the spider down as he had decided it would be better to hide somewhere. Eventually using some cunning and various obstacles such as paper and empty cardboard cups I managed to bring the bewildered spider to a standstill. By this time my workmates had calmed down and were watching with interest. Eventually the task was completed and the result(s) are below.

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I found it to be quite an unusual spider, especially in a Swiss office so early in the morning on the first floor. I reminded myself to look him up when I got home in "Google", but have only found something like it under the name of "green spider". I could feel the curiosity arising in the office - like what will she do with it now.
I stood up, walked across the office to the window, opened it carefully and let my little spider slip off the piece of paper he was sitting on to the freedom of the window sill. I am sure he has now found he way down the wall of the building to the nature lawn we have below. That was our office excitement for the day and we all returned to our work.

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