Saturday, 16 January 2016

Daily Feline Prompt: Feline B+

Write about what you did last weekend as though you’re a music critic reviewing a new album.


“What are you doing Tabby?+

“It is quite obvious. I am having one of my famous washes. The overture is to make the paw wet and the next movement is to swipe it in careful movements over my face.”

“You make it sound like a concert.”

“It is, having a wash is not just a quick stand under the big tongue you have in your bathroom, for a feline it is to be executed with care, a study in washing and we have many movements. It begins with the side parts of the face and of course around the mouth, that is the most important part.”

“Why Tabby.”

“You clean you teeth first of all don’t you? It is a similar study for us felines, but we have a reason. If I have been eating the famous tuna movement, it will definitely be noticed by other feline musicians and they will try to intervene on my washing syphony, searching for the lost tuna. It is better to remove that part of the concerto as soon as possible.

I then go into the lower keys of the rhythm, taking care to arrive at the essence of the music in a discrete way. There are parts of the feline washing symphony that are not to be seen by all, especially the tom cats amongst us. A lady likes to have her quiet symphonic movements to herself.”

“And then?”

“We now arrive at the grand finale, after a few bites in between the claws to make an impact on the listeners and progress to the dance sequence. I turn three times on the same spot, sink gracefully to a comfortable place, close my eyes, keeping one ear open for any sound intervals that may occur and perform the sleep concerto, which may last an hour or two, depending on whether I feel the need to create a diversion now and again. Yes, we feline have a feeling for our musical moments.”